vineri, 28 mai 2010

You know you´ve lived in Berlin, when...

Este ultima mea zi la Berlin. Nu vreau sa spun prea multe acum, ci vreau doar sa rezum pe cat se poate de bine ce inseamna sa traiesti la Berlin. Textul nu imi apartine, l-am preluat de la Ralu, care la randul ei l-a preluat de pe te miri unde... Cert e doar, ca tot ce apare scris aici este apropiat de realitate in proportie de 99%... so enjoy!

You know you´ve lived in Berlin, when:

- You take your own plastic bags with you when you go shopping, so you don't have to pay for them.

- You've fallen asleep on the S-Bahn on the way back from a club and ended up in the middle of nowhere.

- You hate cyclists with a passion!

- You believe a Doner Kebap is a suitable alternative to a proper meal.

- You've memorised every stop announcement on the bus, and say them aloud, "Leonorenstrasse/Siemensstrasse". "Zurückbleiben bitte "BEEEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEP"
- You need a plastic card to do everything, from washing your clothes to eating lunch.
- Your diet is 60% Wurst, 30% Beer.

- You've seen people bring their dogs onto buses, trains, and restaurants and you hate every single one of them!!

- You've almost starved to death because you forgot to go shopping before Sunday.

- You know it takes an hour to get anywhere on public transport.

- You've been deeply disappointed by the Fernsehturm.

- You think staying out clubbing until 6am is common.

- You know how much every bottle's deposit is.

- You've had the urge to push postmen off of their huge bikes.

- You knock on desks at the end of every class.

- You hate bus drivers who leave you waiting in the cold, while they sit in the bus just so they can stick to their timetables.

- You don't care how you look anymore because everyone who live here dresses like it's 1985.

- You've ended up in a disturbing club/warehouse/art house drunk and have been leered at by creepy old Berliners.

- You know that you can buy alcohol from anywhere at anytime, and if you forget they always have little bottles at the checkout.

- You freak out when the bus is a minute late.

- You're suspicious that every building has riot shutters.

- You've only ever seen Checkpoint Charlie as a drunken blur from a taxi.

- You think that shopping at Ikea makes you classy.

- You have a favourite bar and it's probably under some train tracks.

- You can recognise buses from the vandalism on their windows.

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